United Nations Agrees to Hear Case About Junk Dumped In UK Politician’s Garden

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:48 am, January 6, 2017

A politician is taking a dispute about rubbish being dumped in his garden to a United Nations committee.

John Hemming, a former British Liberal Democrat MP, asked Birmingham City Council to clear the rubbish – which included bags of junk – more than two years ago after complaints were made against him in his Birmingham Yardley constituency.

The matter went unresolved.

Hemming has reportedly spent £30,000 ($ 38,000) in various British courts arguing that local authorities have a statutory duty to keep streets clean and that it was up to the council to clear up the mess.

However, judges repeatedly ruled against him.

Now Hemming says a UN committee has agreed to consider his case under the terms of the UN’s Aarhus Convention, which relates to environmental issues.

He maintains the Aarhus Convention covers public authorities’ environmental obligations.

So far Hemming has been through his local magistrates’ court, the British High Court, and the British Court of Appeal.

Members of a UN committee apparently discussed his concerns at a meeting in Geneva in September. It has now agreed to examine his arguments in detail at a full hearing.