This Video Confirms What Everyone Already Believed About Hot Topic Customers

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By William Hicks | 1:44 pm, January 3, 2017
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We all know Hot Topic as the reliable freak magnet located in virtually every mall in America. But rarely has a Hot Topic customer been filmed in the wild showing his true colors.

Luckily one brave cashier at the outlet store from hell managed to surreptitiously get video of a guy asking creepy questions and demanding his soul. According to the cashier on Twitter, the video is only a short segment of a roughly 45-minute conversation.



Hot Topic has long been a gathering point of edgy 13-year-olds since 1988. Somehow the store has managed to survive through both the goth fad of the ’90s and the emos of the 2000s all the way into 2017. Will teen angst always be a viable business model?

While we never get a glimpse of the man claiming his father was born from a piece of creation itself, one could certainly imagine what he’s wearing: Wireframe glasses, a fedora, samurai sword at the hip and poorly groomed goatee.

Something like this:

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