NSFW: ‘Sausage Castle’ Slammed: Defender of Liberty vs Illegal Blight

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By Heat Street Staff and Free Media | 3:14 am, May 3, 2016
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The following video is Not Safe for Work:

A scuzzy party house in the Florida Everglades. A self-described degenerate fighting for his right to party and mostly ignore the local government. Oh, and the partying is un-freaking believable.

Heat Street recently took a trip to a backwoods frontier in a colorful, bawdy fight for liberty (if you call it that). It took us to the Sausage Castle; a place where fairytale dreams come true. Though there’s nothing Disney about this place.

The concept of the Sausage Castle belongs to Mike Busey, nephew of actor Gary Busey, whose name you may recognize from the original “Point Break” film and more recently, NBC’s “The Apprentice.” Tucked away on wetlands about a 45-minute drive from Orlando Airport, the Sausage Castle is a run-down den of iniquity.  A place where freedom and hedonism are number one on the agenda, and where, according to Busey, guests of all races, colors, creeds and sexual orientations are not judged, but welcomed with open arms. A place where you can get high on weed, but Class A drugs are not welcome. Where booze flows like water, where women hunt men, and where men are happy to be hunted.  Oh, and there are fully automatic rifles, shotguns and grenades to liven up the party.

But the Sausage Castle is about to be closed down. Osceola County officials have  issued what amounts to a million dollars in fines to Busey. His house is only worth $120,000 or so.

The vast majority of the fines are for code infractions such as building property too close to wetlands and unauthorized alteration of the house (i.e. a stripper pole in the garage). Busey says the house was there for years with no code infractions, and that he is being persecuted by the county. The County Commissioner, Fred Hawkins Jr, tells us he has absolutely no interest in regulating Busey’s lifestyle.  The commissioner says the fines have grown because Busey has largely ignored his legal problems and that’s why he is likely going to get thrown off his land.

Is Busey a law-breaker who’s getting what he deserves, or are the fines a convenient tactic for a local government that doesn’t agree with his interpretation of liberty?

Heat Street paid a visit, along with our partners at Free Media, cameras in hand. Have a look and decide for yourself.

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