Texas Couple Share Their Home With an Enormous Buffalo Named Wild Thing

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By Masha Froliak | 6:32 pm, February 13, 2017
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Ronnie Bridges, a self proclaimed “Buffalo Whisperer”, and his wife Sherron share their Texas home with a rather unusual pet –- a 2,500 pound buffalo named Wild Thing.

This beast has his own room in the house complete with a TV set and even shares a dining table with his owners. If you don’t believe it, look at the pictures.

The couple admit that it is a “tight squeeze” to live with the largest land mammal native to North America, and yet Wild Thing is treated as a fully entitled member of the family.

“The people that don’t know me think I am crazy. And the people that do know me know I am crazy,” says Ronnie.

Ronnie, 60, and Sherron Bridges having their breakfast with Wild Thing (Rasy Ran/ Caters News)

Wild Thing might officially be the most spoiled buffalo in the world. He can freely roam in the house, has his own room, and enjoys watching action movies.

He was also called on to be the best man at Ronnie and Sherron’s wedding 10 years ago.

Wild Thing watching the TV (Rasy Ran/Caters News)
Sherron Bridges, 44, with Wild Thing (Rasy Ran/ Caters News)

The cowboy couple trained him as a pet after Ronnie lost an eye and had to sell his entire herd of 52 buffalo in 2004. Wild Thing was the only calf left and it was decided he should be treated differently and even be moved to the house.

The family live with the enormous animal despite the obvious impracticality and, perhaps, danger.

“He is no more different than having wolves in the house,” Ronnie says.

The beast almost killed its owners once because “something spooked him” and he started running carrying Ronnie between his horns. However, all was forgiven and the couple continue to share breakfast with their favorite buffalo.