Swedish Music Festival Cancelled Next Year Following a Series of Sexual Assaults by ‘Some Men’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 7:26 am, July 3, 2017

One of the biggest music festivals in Sweden has  called off next year’s event following the reports of sexual assault and rape.

The Bråvalla music festival has previously hosted artists like Kanye West, Robbie Williams and Iron Maiden, claims the decision was made following a rape last Friday.

The festival’s security confirmed as a many as 11 sexual assaults of young girls happening this year. The police detained three suspects in the sexual assault cases, Swedish broadcaster SVT reported.

The officials didn’t release any information on the alleged criminals’ background or identity.

The festival’s organizers, FKP Scorpio, released a statement on Saturday claiming they had tried to prevent sexual assault during the festival but “some men – because we are talking about men – apparently can’t behave. It’s a shame.

“Words cannot describe how incredibly sad we are about this, and we most seriously regret and condemn this. This is not f-ing okay. We do not accept this at our festival,” the statement read.

It urged the 40,000 festival-goers to “take care of each other, choke hatred and violence and let the music win.”

Ulf Bowein, festival safety manager, told the Swedish broadcaster that sexual assaults at the festival occurred despite it having a larger number of personnel and taking additional security precautions.

The manager added that the number of sex-attacks decreased on last year, when it was reported that men, often described as “foreign”, had assaulted up to 40 women at the festival, MailOnline reported.

The news of widespread sex-attacks at the festival last year prompted British band Mumford and Sons to boycott future appearances at the festival until the situation of endemic sexual assault is tackled.