Student’s ‘Impure Thoughts’ Prompt Ban on Cheerleader Uniforms in Utah

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By Heat Street Staff | 11:10 am, September 13, 2016
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A male teenager in Utah almost ruined high school for everyone by reportedly complaining that the school’s cheerleaders were provoking “impure thoughts” by wearing their uniforms to class on game day.

A leader of the cheering squad, Tess Rozier, tells Fox affiliate KSTU in Salt Lake City that their coach told them last week not to wear their uniforms to school anymore as a result. The admonition did not sit well with Timpview High School’s cheering squad, some of whom said the edict unnecessarily sexualizes cheerleading uniforms.

“I kind of felt like it’s the school almost supporting a rape culture,” said one of the cheerleaders, JoAnna Johnson.

“Forty-four girls are being controlled,” complained Georgia Bear, another cheerleader. “We’re getting told what to do by this one boy.”

Officials with the Provo School District where Timpview is located insist that the dust-up is just a big misunderstanding and that the uniforms were never formally banned. They told KSTU that they are investigating the source of the complaint.

Social media reaction to the news was not kind to the young man who apparently made the complaint: