High School Boys Charged With Assault For Serving Teacher Semen-Laced Pastries

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By Heat Street Staff | 7:07 am, December 13, 2016

A high school teacher got served more than asked for during a baking class at an Omaha school this week.

Three students at Westside High School students are facing disciplinary action after it was found that they served their cooking teacher turnovers covered in frosting laced with their own semen.

According to investigators, the boys, aged 14 and 15, excused themselves from class to go to bathroom where they masturbated into small containers before returning to the classroom.

They then mixed their bodily fluids to the sugar frosting before spreading it on the cakes.

But when the teacher, a woman, sampled the pastries, she noticed that they tasted a bit off, according to Omaha World Herald.

The teacher was eventually tipped off by another student who had overheard the boys plotting about their prank.

School officials then called Ohama Police who interrogated the three offenders.

All three admitted to having planned to bring semen into class, but only two of them said they actually placed sperm in the frosting. The third one reportedly backed out at the last minute.

The freshmen were initially ticketed with misdemeanor assault and are facing disciplinary action from Westside.

However,  because their prank they didn’t cause bodily injury, the assault charges were dropped and reduced to “misdemeanor disturbing the peace”.

Their cases will be handled in juvenile court.