Russian Teacher Berates Students for Protests, Tells Them ‘Liberalism Leads Humanity to Hell’

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By Masha Froliak | 6:36 pm, March 31, 2017
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In the wake of recent anti-corruption protests that erupted throughout Russia, a quasi government group that promotes Russian culture wrote to the prime minster demanding that students be educated about how squeaky-clean the government is.

But several teachers, eager to get that point across to students, who made up the bulk of the protesters last weekend, reportedly took matters into their own hands. They berated students for their participation in the rallies, calling them unpatriotic and ignorant. One such incident was recorded by a high-school student in Tomsk.

The teacher, whose identity is still unknown, was filmed delivering an angry rant against “the damaging force” of liberalism, calling his students traitors, liberal fascists and “Anglo Saxon lackeys.”

“You people want freedom, is that it? The liberals gave freedom to all kinds of subhumans. Liberalism is freedom for the subhuman who exists at an animal stage of development. It’s when you equal some scum to a highly spiritual person. That’s the danger of liberalism!” he told the classroom.

He went on to say: “People aren’t equal in their level of development! And when you give equal rights to a five-year-old, a 14-year-old, and an 80-year-old, it is a crime. Liberalism leads humanity to hell.”

The video of the teacher in Tomsk, in Siberia, shows the teacher equating liberalism and fascism, while blasting his students for using liberal ideas to establish Anglo Saxon rule globally. “You are traitors and liberal fascists,” he tells his students.

“Many people think like I do—many people, but they don’t say it openly.”

This rant comes just a week after the protests, in which thousands of demonstrators, mostly students and schoolchildren, took to the streets to protest against government corruption. They were sparked by reports that Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev made millions using his political position, with mansions and yachts around the world. This reports came in the form of a video produced by Alexei Navalany, an anti-corruption campaigner and the main opposition to President Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin condemned the protests, claiming that the children were paid by the opposition to attend the “illegal rallies.”

On March 30 the Russian Academic Fund, which works with the Ministry of Culture to promote Russia’s “cultural heritage,” addressed a letter to Russia’s Prime Minister calling on the government to hold “special talks” with local schoolchildren to better educate them on government’s anti-corruption fight. “We notice these days that students and schoolchildren are lacking quality and objective information on the work of governmental institutions,” the letter says.