Perfect NYC Family Shattered as Stylish Mom, Kids Vanish Over Bermuda Triangle

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 10:57 am, May 17, 2017
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The US Coast Guard has located the wreckage of a private plane carrying prominent New York businesswoman Jennifer Blumin and her 3-year-old and 4-year-old sons that vanished in the Bermuda Triangle.

It has been reported that the plane lost contact with air traffic control when it was

Jennifer Blumin

at about 24,000 feet in the air and on its way from Puerto Rico to Florida. “There’s no indication of significant adverse weather at the time,” claimed Lt Cmdr Ryan Kelly, a Coast Guard spokesman.

Authorities claim that the plane was operated by pilot Nathan Ulrich, 52, and carried Blumin, 40, and her two sons.

The Coast Guard said the twin-engine MU-2b turboprop, manufactured by Mitsubishi, was 37 miles east of the island of Eleuthera when it lost control, The Daily Mail reported.

Ulrich, who piloted the plane, is known as the founder of Xootr, a manufacturer of folding scooters and folding bicycles. The pilot was also married to actress Rae Dawn Chong between 2011 and 2014.

Nathan Ulrich, a man who was the piloting the plane.

“My ex-hubby’s (Nathan Ulrich) plane is missing over the Bermuda Triangle. I am sad and in shock. So send prayers to his family. Thanks,’ she tweeted shortly after the plane vanished.

James Ramsey, Jennifer Blumin, their sons Phineas and Theodore in the dining area of their 2,000 square foot loft. (Laura Moss/The New York Times/Redux)

Blumin, the founder and CEO of event venue development firm Skylight Group, a company that specializes in converting historical spaces for high-end event use, has in recent years been the subject of various magazine profiles along with her husband James Ramsey. They were often described as a chic downtown New York couple.

Phineas and Theodore in their room playing on a tufted acrylic rug from the Down & Quilt Shop. (Laura Moss/The New York Times/Redux)

In 2011, the couple’s new “Cool,” “Nerdy,” and “Warm” home in Manhattan led to an interview on Curbed, an American real-estate blog. Later, a new “Victorian Loft” that she bought for $1.8 million (and spent $700,000 renovating) was described as “warm modernism” was highlighted in The New York Times.

  The exposure led to a profile about Blumin in swanky Gotham magazine titled “How Skylight Group’s Jennifer Blumin is Changing New York Fashion Week”.

The businesswoman recalls a breakthrough moment for her company after iconic TV show Sex and the City filmed a scene at a rooftop pool inside Sky Studios, where Blumin helmed the first-ever event space. “That was a game changer—it gave us national, even global, recognition,” she said.