People Are Panicking Over the ‘Fisher Price Happy Hour Playset’—but the Toy Isn’t Even Real

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:49 pm, December 8, 2016

The Internet is ablaze with outrage over a new Fisher Price toy hitting markets just in time for Christmas—only the toy isn’t real, Fisher Price has no intention of producing it, and the image that’s riling up consumers is a Photoshopped product box intended as a social media joke.

A photo, supposedly of a “Fisher Price Happy Hour Playset,” has been going viral on Facebook. According to the “ad,” the set, which has three very happy looking children playing bartender and barfly on the box, comes with a plastic bar, complete with three plastic bar stools and beer bottles, all authentically scented with the smell of stale beer and shame (probably).

Some parents, clearly not realizing that the “Happy Hour Playset” was a joke, took to Facebook to express their outrage at Fisher Price for marketing such a terrible product, and to bemoan the state of a society that encourages toddlers to experiment with drinking and mixology.

Fisher Price’s social media department spent hours responding to angry consumers who threatened to boycott their company.

Others shared the product and added their own commentary, complete with plenty of profanity and angry exclamation points.

The “backlash” against a toy that didn’t even exist in the first place became so bad that Fisher Price was forced to issue a statement, saying that the Happy Hour Playset was “not endorsed, produced or approved” by the company.

Urban legend investigation site Snopes even posted an entry on their blog “debunking” the myth of the Fisher Price bar set.

The person who created the photo that started the swarm of outrage hasn’t come forward to claim their work*, and social media sharers are being encouraged to “check with the pros” before sharing the image, lest a friend or neighbor think they’re really turning their child into a barfly with their Christmas gift.

*Update: The image appears to have been created by Adam the Creator on Instagram

Disappointed parents of alcoholic toddlers should also note that the My First DUI kit, currently trending on Facebook, is also not real.