Paris Officials Put Boulders In The Streets To Stop Immigrants Sleeping Rough

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By Heat Street Staff | 5:25 am, February 16, 2017

Officials in Paris have resorted to using strategically placed boulders in the streets in a bid to stop immigrants sleeping rough in the city.

Scores of the limestone rocks (pictured) have been left under a shelter near the Gare du Nord, the Eurostar station from where trains depart for London, making it impossible for large numbers of people to rest there.

The authorities say their intention is to discourage immigrants from sleeping too close to a busy road, Boulevard Ney. The area is popular with the homeless and those trying to make their way to Britain because it is sheltered by a railway bridge and is considered a good place to pitch a tent.

Next to it is a 400-bed refugee center that is apparently so busy it turns away hundreds of people every day.

Since the notorious Calais ‘Jungle’ camp was closed down last October, Paris has been a key destination for thousands of people from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Many of those who were forced to leave Calais when the ‘Jungle’ was razed refused to be registered by the French authorities, reportedly in the belief that it will be easier for them to sneak into the UK and claim asylum.

Last October Paris authorities destroyed several makeshift camps that had been established in the city’s streets. Up to 3,000 migrants had pitched tents on the pavements around the Stalingrad Metro station, which is close to the Gare du Nord, but they were also removed, leading to a confrontation.