One Millennial Is Glad He Moved Up from Hostels to Hotels – And Cruise Ships

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By Michael Yormark | 2:23 pm, November 30, 2016
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So you’ve gone from being the poor college student to being an employee somewhere making money. When looking at where you might go on your next vacation, you realize you have some money in your bank account. A lot more. What do you do?

Although hostels are great for budget traveling and some hostels are nearly indistinguishable from hotels, when you finally decide to try a hotel, you’ll be glad you did. With some lite research there are hotels out there that target Millennials and generation Y to a degree that is like honey to bees.

I’m sure you enjoyed bringing your own power strip to the hostel with AC only during the evenings, but when you stay somewhere that has USB ports everywhere, video game themed rooms, are pet friendly, constant A/C and room service you’ll sit back and wonder how did you ever stand staying anywhere else?

But what else makes a hotel in an oasis in a seas of hostels?

Some large chain hotels have taken the class of their amenities to the next level. And when moving all the way up to all-inclusive resorts, like Club Med Cancun, extras that would have cost you more than your room and board are now included. That means all drink, food are free and available at a variety of restaurants open 23 hours a day. After drinking and eat, you’ll have your pick of things like sailboats, kayaks, trapeze lessons, a night club, 3 bars and hundreds of yards of private white sand beach to relax on, all without paying more. With these perks you’ll want to earmark that bonus on a annual basis.

But what about something else? Not interested in an all-inclusive resort? Then what about upgrading that hostel dorm room for a cruise boat’s state room? This might even be a better deal than that backpacker’s cheap flight

With some very competitive pricing, you can now get all the luxuries of an all inclusive resort and be traveling without having to unpack your bags!

In particular, Royal Caribbean’s ‘Oasis Class’ will most definitely make you happy you’re not staying in a hostel anymore.

Although hostels can be in prime locations, I doubt you’ll be in the same block as 20 places to eat, a 3D movie theater, 3-story water slides, surf simulators, zip lines, rock climbing walls and an ice skating rink.

Whether you’re staying in a 5 star luxury hotel in Manhattan, an all inclusive resort in Cancun or enjoying the sunset on the open seas while zip lining, no offense to the hostels of my youth, but millennials can do a lot better – and it’s worth it.