Official Clown Investigation Exposes Pranksters, Hoaxes Behind Reign of Terror

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By Masha Froliak | 11:54 am, October 1, 2016
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A police officer in Rolla, Missouri, has recounted his investigations into clown sightings in the area after multiple reports, an alleged “attack” and a video. His conclusions: the reported sightings were second-hand, made up completely, or the result of pranks. The findings of this high stake clown investigation can be found on the Facebook page of the Rolla Police Department.

One of the incidents involved two “school-age individuals” who had been messaging people on Facebook, posing as clowns and trying to lure random people to a supermarket.

So as I spoke with each person who claimed that they had personal knowledge of the creepy clowns I asked them if they actually seen one. Some people told me that they didn’t actually see one but they heard they were real. Other people told me, “Well, I didn’t see one, but my good friend saw one and I’m sure they almost were killed!”

The officer states that no one actually saw a clown with one exception which involved two “young aspiring cinematographers”(everyone survived there as well).

Frightening video that had surfaced of clowns was the result of a prank pulled by these cinematographers who wanted to scare a girl afflicted by coulrophobia. The cinematographers confessed their guilt to officer, and allowed him to take a photo of the clown mask used in the prank.

Mask of fear: the clown mask used in a hoax.
Mask of fear: the clown mask used in a hoax.

The officer wrote: “After a thorough investigation I have concluded that there are no creepy killer homicidal clowns in Rolla, Missouri. I did hear about a mime stuck in a box though that may still need assistance.”

The officer also suggested that creepy clowns started to pop up right after Wal-Mart and other major retailers began to sell Halloween costumes.