New York Business Executive Arrested for DWI, Buys All Local Newspapers to Hide It

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By Kyle Foley | 11:09 am, January 4, 2017
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For most people, getting arrested is quite embarrassing. Many would go to great lengths to avoid such embarrassment, but one New York man’s attempt to do so ended up backfiring.

Joseph Talbot, 43, was arrested in Newark, New York (not New Jersey) recently for driving while intoxicated. According to local reports, Talbot refused to be photographed by police, refused to have his fingerprints taken, and would not give a breath sample. The reason? He didn’t want to end up in the local paper.

Talbot is a vice president of Key Insurance and Benefits Services Inc., an arm of Key Bank, which would partially explain his desire to keep the arrest hidden. The more successful you are, the more these types of scandals can hurt. His efforts landed him a second-degree obstructing governmental administration charge on top of the DWI.

Talbot refused to give up on his attempt to hide his arrest, however, and he went out the next day to buy up as many local papers as he could to hide the news. According to Ron Holdraker, the editor and owner of the Times of Wayne County, Talbot purchased over 900 copies. With Newark’s population sitting around 8,952, Talbot clearly believed that he had purchased enough copies to hide the news.

Despite spending over $1000 to hide his arrest, Talbot is now being plastered all over the internet for his silly attempt. Maybe next time Talbot can save himself the time and money by just not driving while intoxicated.