New York’s Solution to its Lousy Subway System: Just Stop Going to Work

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By Joe Simonson | 4:17 pm, June 12, 2017
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While New York City’s subway cars were long known for the pungent smell of piss and body odor, one could always depend on these homeless shelter alternatives to deliver you to the proper stop.  As long as you pretended you found the one sanitary bit of pole to hold onto, enduring the subway’s uncleanliness was a communal, team-bonding exercise for the entire city.

But at least the train always came.  Not so anymore.  With transit delays up 150 percent from four years ago, New Yorkers often find themselves waiting 20 to 30 minutes for the privilege of standing in a cramped mobile lavatory—if it arrives at all.

But don’t worry, New York’s transit department has a solution: Telling employers not to expect their workers to show up.  That’s right, according to the New York Post, the Metropolitan Transit Authority is launching an “awareness campaign that includes letters to employers encouraging flexible work hours and locations.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

Huh, why didn’t anyone else think of that? Considering the fact that millions of individuals depend on the subway to get to work each day, does the city government really think that New Yorkers were all just too stupid to think about just not showing up to work?

Of course, that’s liberal arrogance for you.  With a mayor who takes helicopters and private cars everywhere (sometimes across the entire city just to go to his favorite gym), what does he know about an average person’s commute?   Despite the MTA acknowledging all of its problems, however, it had no problem signing off on rate increases back in March.

If all of this keeps up, New York’s subways might actually start working a little bit better.  If people start looking elsewhere for work out of frustration, that sharp drop in congestion could get things moving again.

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