New ‘Insider’ Allegations Come Out Against Sherri Papini, the Kidnapped ‘Super Mom’

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By William Hicks | 3:53 pm, April 12, 2017

Update: The moderator team at the Reddit group “ThePapinis” are now claiming the “verified insider” may not be legitimate. They changed their process for verifying insiders to add an additional burden of proof. The insider only showed part of a student ID which may not be enough to verify whether or not they are actually connected with the Papini family. 


The story of Sherri Papini, the California “super mom” kidnapped on a jog then released three weeks later on the side of the highway, has created a cottage industry of Internet sleuths and skeptics digging into her case. The story given by Papini and her husband Keith included various questionable details that led many on the Internet to believe the kidnapping was an elaborate hoax done for money or attention. Most notable was the fact she claimed to be kidnapped by two Hispanic women, but never saw there faces for the entire three weeks as a captive.

Read the details of the case here. 

Things really spiced up in the Papini truther section of Reddit when a “verified insider” made a post on the subreddit, ThePapinis. The insider, claiming to be a family member, would not reveal his identity but showed the moderator of the subreddit part of a student ID which showed his last name.

The insider, going under the name marijuanapapinis, alleged Papini and her husband Keith regularly use marijuana and a herbal opioid substitute called kratom. He also said that Papini used to have a serious benzo addiction and was using kratom as a way to quit. He also put to rest a previous conspiracy theory that Papini was a marijuana trimmer.

Sherri had a really bad benzo addiction for a few years, I’m absolutely not sharing this as gossip but because I’m worried maybe she relapsed and was hanging around the wrong people and that could be the explanation behind the kidnapping. Sherri was getting a prescription for a drug called Diazepam when she started having panic attacks a few years ago. She started abusing it, went into the hospital and got off of it. They stopped prescribing it to her and she’s relapsed a few times by buying other anti anxiety pills off the street. The last time this happened was 2014 or so, so she has been clean for a while.

The insider believes the kidnapping was not a hoax, but may be connected to Papini’s benzo addiction.

“But as soon as this all happened it’s what a lot of us thought of,” he wrote. “Maybe she made someone mad and they beat her up and kept her for a few weeks? I’m also not against thinking it’s a hoax for the victim assistance stipend.”

This information only compounds with various other details about Papini’s allegedly troubled past. Last week old police reports were uncovered showing that Papini’s family members called the cops on her for issues ranging from self harm and burglarizing her father’s home. No charges were filed.

The Shasta County Sheriff Office continues to claim that there is no evidence the kidnapping was a hoax, although they say there should be no public safety concern resulting from the case. So a kidnapping happened but the public shouldn’t worry about two kidnappers on the loose.

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