MMA Fighter Who Wanted Safe Spaces Away From Female Gaze Sparks Boycott Over Domestic Abuse

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By Dana McCauley, News Au | 6:12 am, October 3, 2016

When Julian Wallace appeared on national television to defend his barber shop’s mens-only policy, he cited the need for a safe space.

Women should not be allowed into the hipster enclave, he argued, lest they wilt under the penetrating female gaze.

“We have catered to something from a bygone era,” Wallace told Sunrise, citing the need to protect men’s comfort, insecurities and privacy, providing a discreet location in which to pluck stray hairs from their nostrils.

It has emerged that vintage haircuts and beards were not the only outdated indulgences of Wallace, an MMA fighter who also goes by the name of Julz the Jackal.

Some five months prior to his morning television appearance, Wallace’s then-girlfriend and fellow MMA fighter Jessy Jess provoked his rage by mixing up his dinner order.

In true antiquated style, Wallace flew into a rage and subjected Ms Jess to a brutal assault, putting her in a choke hold, kicking her in the head and strangling her.

It was only her martial arts training that saved her from being more seriously harmed, Ms Jess told the Daily Telegraph.

Newtown, in Sydney’s inner west, residents are now calling for a boycott of the King St barber shop Wallace manages, arguing that it should never have allowed him to serve as a spokesman for the establishment.

“Hawleywood’s staffer bangs on about his precious men’s only Barbershop a while back and meanwhile he beats his woman partner at home,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Charming. I wonder if all those who rushed to his defence last time will do the same now?”

Another called for him to resign, writing: “We don’t need this in our community. He should hang his head in shame (and leave).”

One former customer vowed not to return, writing: “I used to go there to buy Pomade and that but after this story never again.”

Another pointed out that Wallace, who pleaded guilty and is yet to be sentenced, “might have a new postcode soon”.

A supporter of the business said that it was unfair to link the barber shop to the assault, arguing that “there are other hard working people in the shop who depend on it for a living”.

“The business happily let this guy speak for them recently,” came the reply.

“This is purely a public service announcement — some people might choose to go elsewhere with this knowledge. If you are concerned about the business take it up with this perpetrator of DV and those who support him. If you are just being a troll — then, I’m happy to sip your male-tears.”

Wallace’s Julz the Jackal Facebook page was removed today after a deluge of criticism over the assault. has reached out to Hawleywood’s for comment.


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