Manhunt Finally Ends for Woman Accused of Having Videotaped Sex Sessions With Her Dog

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 10:20 pm, April 12, 2017
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An Ohio woman who was filmed having sex with a dog in a video clip that went viral on social media has finally been arrested following a months-long manhunt that began in January.

33-year-old Amber Finney of Warren is the first person charged with bestiality in Ohio since the state introduced a law in December making sex with animals illegal. Prior to its implementation, Ohio was one of 11 states where bestiality was still legal.

Amber Finney mugshot

(The town of Warren had actually taken the matter into its own hands last summer and made bestiality illegal within city limits. A case involving 61-year-old Salvador Rendon prompted the city to act after police were tipped off by his wife, who’d caught him in flagrante delicto with male and female boxers several times. Rendon was charged with animal cruelty, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 60 of which were suspended. At the time, the state did not have a law against bestiality.)

As for Finney, she allegedly starred in multiple, videotaped sex sessions with one of her dogs, which went viral online.

Amber Finney

She lives on the same street as Salvador Rendon and had been on the run ever since police caught on to her crime.

Finney entered a not guilty plea to the misdemeanor charge of bestiality on Monday in Warren Municipal Court. WKBN reports that she was arrested by police on Sunday after Walgreens employees recognized her and called 911. The workers identified her as the woman who was on TV for “getting in trouble with animals.”

Police later found Finney hiding in the basement of her home and crying. She claims the dog sex video is fake, that someone had spiked her drink and that she does not remember the incident.

Under the new anti-bestiality law, the animals in Finney’s possession will be removed until the end of the investigation or trial.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.