Malaysian Islamic Party Forces Christians to Cancel Pro-Israel Event Over ‘Jewish Culture’ Promotion

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 5:43 pm, June 5, 2017
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An Islamic Party in Malaysia has forced a Christian group to cancel an event celebrating Jerusalem’s reunification following the threat of protests.

The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) has come out against the event, claiming the “Nations of the Golden Gate Aligning with Jerusalem’s Jubilee” gathering promotes “Jewish culture” and “Zionist Christianity.”

According to The Jerusalem Post, Nasrudin Hassan, the Islamic party’s communication officer, said the event was a provocation against Muslims in the country and the organizers should never “challenge the sensitivities of Muslims.”

The Islamic party’s Facebook post of the event’s poster, with the word ‘cancel’ written on it / Facebook / The Jerusalem Post

“We can never forget the sufferings of Muslims caused by the atrocities of Israel. Now, they seek to create an extreme provocation to Muslims by organizing Jerusalem’s jubilee on Malaysian soil,” he wrote on Facebook.

“This Jewish culture should never be allowed to take root in our country. The government must take stern action. Don’t challenge the sensitivities of Muslims. Don’t rile this Malay land with this Zionist Christian activity.”

The Christian group, which organized the event, cancelled it after getting 32 police reports filed against them for the gathering’s “Zionist theme.”

In Malaysia, as The Post notes, while a small minority of Christians is allowed to generally freely practice the religion, barring several restrictions, Zionism-based Judaism and supporting Israel are prohibited.

Christ Church bishop Jason Selvaraj come out against the cancellation of the event, claiming “Christians in Malaysia are tolerant, sensitive and understanding, and we will not disturb the harmony of the country.”