Louisiana Tourism Executive Tries to Use Instagram, Sends Sex Video From Official Account

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By Kyle Foley | 2:52 pm, December 22, 2016

If part of your day involves sending sex videos to your significant other, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you aren’t doing it from an official work account. A tourism director in Louisiana learned that the hard way.

Lynn Dorsey, the 61-year-old Webster Parish Convention and Visitors’ Bureau director in Minden, La., attempted to send her husband a video that would most definitely land herself on Santa’s naughty list. But instead, it started a live stream on the official Instagram account for her department. She blamed the incident on her inexperience with Instagram. “It was a horrible, honest mistake,” Dorsey said. “I am mortified. I would never send that type of content out intentionally. It was a very private message for my husband; it was a brand new phone and a new Instagram feature. I am a new Instagram user, and unfortunately I pressed the wrong button.”

While we don’t know how many people actually saw the video, local news reported that “followers of the bureau’s Instagram account—including dozens of Minden residents attending a Christmas party—received a notification of the live feed,” and the account has since been made private.

Board Chairman Jerry Madden said he was not aware of the details of the incident, but added that they “do not currently have a social media policy in place, because it was not a recognized need at that time. I’m sure that we will consider adopting new policies as we consider our next steps.”

The phone that Dorsey was using was a $700 iPhone 7 that the department purchased for her to use to promote Webster Parish, with one resident posting online that “well..maybe she can bring some new ‘sex tourism’ biz to the parish…..God knows they need the money.”