Light Relief: Some of The Best Tweet Owns of 2016’s Horrible Election

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By Louise Mensch | 6:36 am, October 31, 2016
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Normally on a Sunday night we compile horror from the Guardian, but as it’s the penultimate weekend of the campaign….

Here are a few of 2016’s funniest political tweets.

  1. Bill Kristol owns Dilbert’s Scott Adams, a Trump supporter:

dilbert-j2. Evan McMullin owns ‘BoneSpur Bob,’ Donald Trump

5. Sad Ted Cruz Gets Owned By Daniel Lin

6. DPRK News Takes on Democrat Michael Moore


7.Random Eddie on the Whole Darn Thing:

8. Donald Trump on SNL And Alec Baldwin (perhaps unintentionally)

9. Bayim Moustafa owns Donald Trump on Debate Stalking Hillary, Muslims

10. ‘Bernie Thoughts’ On Bernie Sanders in the Primary