Law Professor Sues His Accuser After Rape Charges Dropped

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By Kyle Foley | 9:03 pm, March 20, 2017

A law professor at the University of Minnesota is suing his accuser after he spent three weeks in jail on sexual assault charges that never amounted to anything.

54-year-old Francesco Parisi saw charges against him dropped earlier this month after police found no evidence to support the assault allegations, which were made by Parisi’s 55-year-old ex girlfriend. Parisi says his reputation “has been irreparably damaged by the false and slanderous statements”, so he is suing for at least $50,000 in damages.

Parisi says if “nothing happens to her” it could be “a license for her and others like her to harm someone out of vindictiveness or craziness”. He went on to explain that “every statement [in the criminal charge] can be proven false in a matter of minutes” and that he is “still hoping charges can be brought against her.” He goes on to call it a “matter of affirmative lies”.

So far, Parisi’s accuser has not been charged with filing a false police report. According to police and court records, Parisi and his accuser did have a romantic history together. They were even going to buy a condo together in 2015, but that fell through after the relationship began to fall apart. The two fought back and forth in court several times leading up to the rape accusation. According to the Star Tribune, Parisi wasn’t the first man involved in a similar situation with this woman.

“She has done this before,” Parisi said. “And knowing … her past history, she will be doing it again.”