Justin Trudeau Called Out for Pot Hypocrisy

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By Joe Simonson | 3:36 pm, April 26, 2017

Justin Trudeau’s effort to look cool might be backfiring.

Following the Canadian Prime Minister’s interview with Vice Canada on Monday, New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair called out Trudeau’s “abject hypocrisy” for not issuing pardons to those with a criminal record for minor marijuana possession charges.

Trudeau, who has admitted to smoking pot as an MP,  promised a fairer system for those with a criminal background because of pot. The drug is set to become legal nationwide next year.  Despite these promises, nothing has been done so far.

“When you’re of that background and you’re privileged and you’ve always had everything given to you and you are treated differently, that’s what he is used to, isn’t it?” Mulcair said.

In the same interview, Trudeau told the story of how his late brother Michael avoided criminal charges for marijuana possession because his father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, used family resources and connections to help him get off.

“Not having to worry about a drug charge because your dad will just ‘take care of it.’ Justin Trudeau is completely disconnected from the reality that most Canadians live in,” read a fundraising e-mail from the Conservative Party.

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