It’s All A Joke To Young Mother Who Poisoned Her Babies By Taking Heroin Three Times a Day

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By Heat Street Staff | 9:59 pm, May 9, 2017
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Heroin addiction. Chemically poisoning her children. Smuggling drugs into a hospital. Prison. Anyone got anything good to do tonight?

Alex Laird would be indicted for using heroine daily while pregnant.

Seen from the perspective of her social media postings and repeat offenses, 22-year-old Alex Laird of Pleasant Grove, Alabama seems to be taking her dangerous and criminal behavior in stride. According to The Birmingham News:

“Laird was indicted in 2016 after her newborn baby girl was born addicted to heroin the year before. Pregnant for a second time, Laird was arrested again last year after authorities say she admitted to using heroin three times a day during the most recent pregnancyThat baby was born in January of this year, and Laird was indicted again last month in connection with that case.” 

She has failed to show up in court numerous times. Now, according to authorities interviewed by The Birmingham News, Laird “left a treatment center sometime in April. She was admitted back to the hospital for undisclosed reasons, and brought drugs into the hospital which she gave to other patients. One of the recipients of those drugs, authorities said, overdosed but survived.” A judge has now revoked Laird’s bond on a previous chemical endangerment of a child charge, court records show, but she remains at large.

And while all this is happening Laird’s Facebook page seemed to make light of the situation. Her last posting, less than two weeks ago reads: “Ready to find something to do tonight! 

On her “About” section it says: Alex Laird. In RECOVERY. Roll Tide!  

Another recent meme she likes jokes about incarceration:

She is not oblivious to everything. She makes a point of telling the world that she “pronounces name A-leks-an-druh LAY-erd.”

The local Alabama press says that the young mother and heroin addict has ignited a debate over the care and punishment of pregnant addicts is in trouble:

“Law enforcement is often seen as just the bad guy that doesn’t understand heroin addiction. Unfortunately, we understand it all too well as we are the ones on the front lines with this epidemic every day trying to clean up the wake of destruction it leaves,” [said Pleasant Grove police Lt. Danny Reid]. “Alex Laird has twice harmed children by repeatedly taking that poison while pregnant. We fought to protect the unborn, but hospitals fought the criminal justice system holding her out of jail, basically saying they know better.”

“Advocates argued that treatment was all she needed and jail is the complete wrong thing for her, so she got months and years of treatment,” Reid said. “Well, Laird has played them and the system for years. Unfortunately there are a lot of Lairds out there.”