ISIS-Supporting Ex-Marine Bought AK-47 to use in ‘Holocaust-Style’ Murders

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 5:02 am, May 8, 2017
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FBI agents have arrested a Washington resident who sympathized with ISIS and bought a gun to start a “race war” and carry out attacks on police stations.

Clark Calloway / Facebook

Clark Calloway, 38, was arrested by the FBI on Thursday after he tried buying an AK-47 from an FBI informant, according to the court documents. He’s facing charges of possession of a firearm by a felon and transportation of a firearm with the intention of committing a felony.

The FBI started investigating the man last June after an agent spotted his publicly available Facebook account that showed “pictures associated with jihad and terrorism, including individuals walking with rocket launchers, machine guns and other weapons, and individuals carrying the black flag commonly associated with [ISIS].”

The court documents also say that he “friended” several hundred Islamic State fighters and sympathizers and joined ISIS social media groups. An FBI investigation showed that he has two active Facebook accounts, “one related to his extremist racial views and one related to his pro-ISIS views.”

After buying the AK-47 from an FBI informant, he said that that the best way to “do something” was to have simultaneous attacks on police stations “all over the country,” Fox 5 DC reported.

Calloway, who served in the U.S Marine Corps, made numerous threats on his Facebook profile, claiming he would attack police stations and white or Jewish people. “Soon the great killing will commence,” he wrote in a Facebook post dated April 20.

“Soon. Oh Muslim Ummah. Soon Melaninated Jewelry of ALLAH. Soon, the white devils will be exterminated like they were during the holocaust,” he wrote in another post dated May 1.

He also praised last month’s terrorist attack in France near the Champs Élysé​e​s, writing “MaashaALLAH! ISIS has shot a French policeman to death, in Paris, France! This is a war!”

And just five days before his arrest in his apartment building by the FBI, he wrote: “Ak- 47! Remember this post.”

Calloway, who lives alone, has been employed as a construction worker. He served prison time after stabbing someone and pleading guilty back in December 2002, according to a 30-page affidavit. Following his release, he was ordered to get mental health support and substance abuse treatment.

Prosecutors said Calloway denied allegations that he planned to carry out a terrorist attack, saying many of his social media posts are “propaganda” and examples of “talking trash” to the people who follow him.

He appeared in court last Friday and is currently being held until a preliminary hearing next week.