Infamous ‘Sausage Castle’ Sex Party House Destroyed in Suspicious Blaze

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:33 pm, January 11, 2017
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Florida’s notorious “Sausage Castle”—a “sex party house” in the Florida Everglades —was completely destroyed in an early Wednesday morning fire that authorities are calling “suspicious.”

Heat Street and Free Media visited the scuzzy domain of Mike Busey (Gary’s nephew) last summer, to see firsthand the “Neverland for Adults.” It was packed to the gills with sex toys, pornography, automatic weapons, grenades and a “Wheel of Debauchery” that guests could spin at one of Busey’s many raunchy parties.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, however, the Sausage Castle was empty, and investigators say there’s no reason to believe that the fire that claimed the porn-y palace was accidental.

According to Osceola County authorities, the Castle had been vacant for about six months, after they issued close to a million dollars in fines to Busey and his tenants. The violations were largely for cosmetic problems, selling alcohol without a permit, building too close to the wetlands and on state-owned property, and making unauthorized alterations to the home itself (like installing a stripper pole in one of the house’s garage bays).

Busey told Heat Street and the Orlando Sentinel in May that he believed he was being targeted because authorities didn’t approve of his lifestyle.

There is, however, no reason to believe this sordid saga has come to an official end. The Osceola Sausage Castle was only the latest in a string of about seven such Sausage Castles, and as Florida law enforcement closed in, Busey raised $15,000 as a “down payment” on the Castle’s next iteration.

He said on Instagram that the dream will live on.

Rest In Peace Sausage Castle 7 No Matter What Those Mother Fuckers Do They Can’t Kill The Idea Or My Way Of Life!

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