Horror Mugshot Shows Second Grade Female Teacher, 27, After Descent Into Drugs

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By William Hicks | 11:19 pm, May 4, 2017
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A second grade teacher in Sapulpa, Oklahoma has been arrested after police found heroin needles and methamphetamine in her purse at school, according to KTUL. Megan Nicole Sloan’s police mugshot shows the dramatic transformation that drug use rendered on the beautiful young woman.

Megan Sloan’s Mugshot

Sloan, 27, had been a teacher at Holmes Park Elementary for two years. She admitted to stealing field trip money and pawning two school-owned iPads, then using the money to buy drugs.

A fellow teacher had reported Sloan to authorities after seeing a Facebook conversation Sloan had left open on a school computer. The conversation had Sloan admitting to using and selling heroin and stealing school property.

Megan Sloan just a few months ago

Police arrived at the school and searched Sloan’s purse finding multiple syringes (some containing heroin), .4 grams of meth and two “xanax footballs.”

An affidavit filed in the case says that the “substances found in the Sapulpa teacher’s purse tested positive for methamphetamine, black tar heroin, and a controlled substance identified as Suboxone.” Suboxone is a powerful drug prescribed to opioid addicts trying to end their addictions, but it can also be used to get high.

Lieutenant Philip Diehl with the Sapulpa Police Department said of the purse’s contents: “Multiple – I would guess maybe 40 syringes, some empty, some still had liquid in them, some still had needles, and some did not.”

Also in the purse, according to court records: multiple small empty plastic baggies, multiple small broken and empty balloons commonly used to store narcotics, and two bent metal spoons.

Sloan, who does not have a criminal record, allegedly told officers with the Sapulpa Police Department that she started using painkillers and gradually moved on to heroin, which may be the cause of her “dramatic physical transformation.”

Megan Sloan before her descent into drugs

KTUL interviewed Adam Hiett, who was Sloan’s college classmate about four years ago, when they were both pursuing their dream of becoming teachers.

“She struck me as the kind of person that wanted to be a teacher,” Hiett told KTUL. “You can kind of get an idea of what it takes, and the compassion someone needs, and it seemed like she was a perfect fit for that.”

Scene of the crime: Holmes Park Elementary School

According to Fox23, administrators may have been warned about Sloan’s drug use as early as two years ago.  Emails obtained by FOX23 News show that a concerned citizen emailed school administrators urging them to investigate Sloan for drug use. School administrators responded to the whistleblower, saying they would look into the matter. But two years later, Sloan was still teaching at Holmes Park Elementary school.

Sloan is now imprisoned in Creek County Jail on a $41,000 bond, facing four drug charges and one for embezzlement. She has also been suspended from her teaching position. Police officials have impounded her phone, which they intend to search for evidence.