Hero Citizens Take Creepy Clown Crisis Into Their Own, Armed Hands

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:00 pm, October 10, 2016

After enduring a months-long reign of terror, gun-toting Americans are fighting back against the “creepy clown” phenomenon.

The social media-driven phenomenon has seen masked amateur clowns pop along along roadsides and threaten schoolchildren in at least 12 states.

But when the trend finally spread to Pampa, Texas, residents weren’t interested in involving law enforcement. Pampa authorities responded to a call of gunshots, only to find a woman had fired a warning shot at two clowns lurking near the front of her property. The clowns dispersed, the woman said, and Pampa officers haven’t received any further reports of clown sightings.

Across the country in Auburn, Maine, a woman with a concealed carry permit also fended off a clown-related attack. The woman told authorities that she was sitting on her porch when a black SUV full of clowns pulled up. One clown rolled down his window, made a gun symbol with his fingers and mouthed, “bang.” She pulled out her — very real — 9mm handgun and said, “Back at ya, clown”

The clowns, of course, sped away before she had to lock and load. She told local media that she’s not afraid of clowns. Obviously.

In Kentucky, also, a couple was able to fend off several creepy clowns — but this time the weaponry was serious. Bardstown, Ky. resident Adam Tingle told policey that he couldn’t budge a female clown who was staring at his wife, so he decided to scare the clown away with his AR-15.

Tingle’s efforts, however show how dangerous a firearms-based clown defense really is. Unfortunately for Tingle, the “female clown” turned out to be a woman wrapped in an afghan blanket, walking her dog, who ended up reporting Tingle to authorities for firing his weapon and scaring her.

Authorities have been clear: no one faced with a creepy clown should brandish a weapon. Instead, clown victims should call authorities as soon as possible and try to report accurate descriptions so that law enforcement can handle the costumed interloper.