Graphic Sex-Ed Videos Leave Some Moms in Shock

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By Heat Street Staff | 9:53 pm, December 12, 2016

“It’s quite slow to start, but after a while, it get a bit quicker” says the TV presenter as she demonstrates how penetrative sex works using life-like rubber genitals..

A Norwegian sex education TV program aimed at children and young adults that features graphic simulations of real-life sex acts has left some viewers perplexed and others shocked.

The science program, called Newton, is broadcast on the state-run channel NKR, and is very popular among six-year-olds. In it, Dr. Line Jansrud addresses a wide range of subjects, from menstruation to consent, involuntary ejaculation, body hair and spots. But for the most explicit content, including conception, the editors felt it wouldn’t be appropriate to have real men and women demonstrate sexual acts, so Jansrub relies instead on a diverse array of props.

She uses a vacuum cleaner on her neck to show how hickies are done, for example, and demonstrates French kissing with the aid of a tomato. The only time the program features real life models is when Jansrub discusses the in and outs of private parts from between the legs of a naked man.

But some parents didn’t seem all that comfortable with her explicit twist on sex education. One viewer commented: “This is teaching an 8 year old how to lick someone out and that’s apparently alright is it f****** hell im done.” while another said:  “I have 3 children and frankly if my 8 year old is even thinking about anything other thank Barbies and how ‘doing it’ is a naughty word, then shit I’m doing something wrong.”


A similar program would probably fare poorly in the U.S., where in the 22 states currently mandating sex education only 13 require the instruction to be medically accurate. The vast majority still advocate total abstinence until marriage as the norm, according to the Guttmacher Institute on sexual health.

In fact, a whooping 41 percent of American teenagers aged 18  and 19  say they know little or nothing about condoms, and 45 percent say they have simply never heard about contraception.

In Norway, by contrast, teens are four times less likely to have babies, and overall abortion rates are lower.

As one female Facebook commenter pointed out: “We could do with shows like this here to be honest. Where do a majority of kids learn the ins and outs of sex these days? Porn. So what do they learn? That women are objects, gang bangs are the norm and you can shove whatever you like up your bum even if you end up with an anal prolapse.”

“Some of the blokes I’ve been with probably could have done with earlier education on the subject,” she added.