Gov. Schwarzenegger Explodes Landmine With U.S. Troops in Kuwait

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By Louise Mensch | 12:28 pm, April 28, 2016

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is America’s best-known action hero.

But he was just in Kuwait with the real action heroes, the men and women of the U.S. Military.Heat Street exclusively shows you the Schwarzenegger Snapchats showing the Governor

  • Blowing up a buried landmine from a tank
  • Helping to promote a serviceman as he beams with pride
  • Paying tribute to the cheering men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Promoting his charity ‘After School All Stars’ – Arnold has designed a ‘Come With Me if You Want to Lift’ T-shirt to raise money for after-school programs for deprived kids

Schwarzenegger is more than just an actor when it comes to tanks – before he left Austria for America, he was a professional tank driver for his national service in the Army. He kept his weights in the tank. Years later, the global superstar had that exact tank shipped over to him in California. The two-time Governor of CA now uses his old tank for fundraisers – exactly like the one he just did in Kuwait.

Arnie looked supremely comfortable and happy around soldiers even in the blistering desert sun. And we’re thankful that one more landmine has now been terminated.

You can look (nearly) as good as the Gov and our fighting men and women in the ‘Come With Me if You Want to Lift’ t-shirt right here.