Germany to Introduce Voice Recognition Software to Flush Out Bogus Immigrants

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:01 am, March 20, 2017

German authorities are planning to crack down on bogus asylum seekers by introducing software which can recognize a person’s dialect.

The system’s manufacturer claims it can ‘read’ a person’s voice and then work out if they really are from the country which they claim to be from.

More than one million immigrants have settled in Germany since 2015 under a hastily agreed initiative advanced by Angela Merkel.

However, the policy has proved controversial, sparking unease among some citizens about how the country can cope with such an unplanned influx.

Doubts have also been expressed about how truthful some of those who have arrived in Germany have been when it comes to stating their country of birth.
Although many people have claimed to be escaping war and persecution in Syria, thousands are thought to be economic migrants from the Middle East and North Africa who have decided to take advantage of the German government’s open-door policy.

According to Die Welt newspaper, Germany’s Office for Migration and Refugees confirmed it was testing the software. An agency spokeswoman said it would ‘complement’ existing ways of verifying a person’s identity.

Andrea Brinkmann told the Associated Press that officials would still rely on a range of information, including documents presented by the asylum-seeker and an expert opinion, before reaching a final conclusion about their status.

The move is likely to win support for Merkel ahead of Germany’s general election later this year. Her reputation has been seriously dented as a result of her migrant policy.