Georgia School District Mocks Students Hoping for a Snow Day

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By Kyle Foley | 2:11 pm, January 7, 2017
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As a rare snowstorm swept through a number of Southern states, students began agitating for a day off. For one county in Georgia, this desperation turned into some epic Twitter moments.

Students in the Cherokee County School District decided to tweet at the district’s official twitter account, and the genius behind the account decided to have a little fun, at the students’ expense, of course.

Responding to some… well… awkward propositions

And some lame bribery attempts

As well as dealing with some of the less creative attempts to get out of school

It seems whoever is behind the account for the district was taking a page from Wendy’s book, minus the Pepe memes. They wrapped it all up by wishing the students a safe weekend, but not before taking one last shot.