Forget the Mannequin Challenge, Another Stupid Craze Has Taken American High Schools By Storm

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By Charlotte Willis | 12:13 pm, November 23, 2016

Forget the mannequin challenge, high school students have officially lost the bloody plot.

This month, there’s a new, much more savage challenge making its way through schools in the US and winding up on social media — the #BackpackChallenge.

Here’s how it works: One incredibly brave (dumb) individual runs the gauntlet while their peers wielding heavy backpacks prepare to strike.

As the participant tries to make it to the end in one piece, everyone else swings their backpacks in an attempt to knock the sucker over.

Unsurprisingly, it never turns out too well for the runner, who often hits the deck after a couple of blows.

Below is the original video from Twitter user @abucciwood who claims he is the “Creator Of Backpack Challenge”.

This just seems unfair for books everywhere. And school lunches, for that matter.

Hundreds of cringe-inducing videos filmed in school corridors and gymnasiums have already been posted by students in California, Texas, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and more.

The Backpack Challenge follows a much more leisurely Mannequin Challenge, the latest viral phenomenon sweeping the internet that consists of a group of people who suddenly freeze mid-task.

Let’s all get back to the Mannequin Challenge, please kids?

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