Female Ukrainian Politician Whose Nude Photos Were Leaked Auctions ‘Private Meeting’ for Charity

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By Masha Froliak | 4:16 pm, June 14, 2017

Ukraine’s youngest deputy interior minister ever, Anastasiya Deeva, raised some eyebrows when she announced she was going to auction a private breakfast with her to raise money for a children’s charity.

Deeva has been the center of controversy before. Last year, her erotic photos were leaked online. She was also previously fiercely criticized for being too young and pretty to earn such a high position in the government.

The unusual auction, which appeared on ProZorro.sale on June 12, referred to Deeva as a “charming reformer” and claimed that the highest bidder would have a private breakfast with Ukraine’s youngest-ever minister. All funds raised from the auction will reportedly be given to a private children’s hospital to purchase medical devices. The minimum bid price is around $4.

The meeting is will take a place in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, within a month after the auction, according to the description. “We bet that no other country has so many charming reformers,” the Facebook post of the event says.

The post has sparked heated debate, with many arguing that the use of the word “charming” is sexist, while others wonder if the breakfast will be served in bed.

Deeva was quick to respond to the backlash, writing on Facebook: “You can always pour dirt, or you can just do a good deed and save the child’s life. The choice is always yours. She also pointed out that critical comments doubting her intentions are a clear sign of “discrimination.”

Deeva faced a backlash when she was abruptly promoted to one of the top positions in the government at the age of 24, with no previous experience. Many doubted she was fit for the job. However, her boss and Deeva both dismissed the criticism as “bigotry” and “ageism.”

Deeva then found herself in the middle of another scandal when her naked photos were leaked online. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov personally defended the glamorous looking official, claiming that her critics are “asexual” and are obsessed with moralizing.

Deeva said that “no one deserves to be bullied like this.”