Fat Dissolution and Faux Freckles: The Weirdest New Beauty Trends for 2017

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By Vanessa Brown | 11:12 am, December 28, 2016

Beauty has no rules when it comes to experimenting, and if 2016 is anything to go by — next year should be full of some pretty impressive cosmetic trends.

This year was all about the C word — Contour.

Throw in some creative nail designs, excessive amounts of highlighting, glitter lips, matte lips and glossy eyelids — it was a pretty big year for experimenting with our beauty looks.

But how will the playful trends pan out in 2017?

Beauty content creator and make-up artist Rachael Brook, says while 2016 has been full of bold colors and heavy highlighting — she will be looking forward to seeing the “more natural side to beauty” in 2017.

“We will see more creamy, blended contours rather than harsh distinctions between contour and highlight,” Ms Brook told news.com.au.

“Lips will have feathered edges and ‘sun stripping’ — a technique to achieve a natural looking bronzed glow — will be used more frequently.”

Contouring, highlighting and illuminating high points on the face quickly became a staple way for make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts to accentuate features in a relatively quick and easy manner.

With countless tutorials and videos, powder and cream palettes available for every preference, the art of contouring quickly enabled men and women to either subtly or dramatically build up light-reflecting makeup along cheekbones, cupid’s bow and the bridge of the nose.

“I think both highlighting and contouring are the kind of techniques that once you know about it, you’ll never want to stop doing it,” Ms Brook said.

“They will just be worn in a more natural looking way, which will leave people wondering if you’ve even contoured/highlighted at all.”

Make up artist Rachael Brook with a natural highlight and nude lip.
Make up artist Rachael Brook with a natural highlight and nude lip. Source:Supplied

So what are the big five beauty trends we will see in 2017?

Colored Mascara: Black mascara will still be a staple in every makeup kit for lush, long, defined lashes, Ms Brook said but “colored mascara is here to play!”

If you’re wondering how to use colored mascara so you don’t end up looking like a clown, tip is to start with a smoky eye.

“A beautiful golden smoky eye, with electrifying blue lashes is quite fun,” Ms Brook said.

“If blue lashes sound a little too bright for you, try metallic gold lashes instead. You could even try a black to gold ombre lash! The color options are endless.”

Move over black mascara, 2017 is all about coloured lashes.
Move over black mascara, 2017 is all about colored lashes. Source:Instagram

Colored Illuminators: In 2016 we’ve seen some bold, colored highlighters hit the market. In 2017, this will move onto colored illuminators. Colored illuminators will give you a hint of color and sheen and will make your skin look ‘lit from within’.

A great option to try is MAC Strobe Cream (even though it’s considered a moisturizer) which now comes in multiple shades.

Apply using a foundation brush over your entire face before your foundation for an all over glow, or apply with your fingers to the tops of your cheekbones and under your brow bone, after your foundation, for a more targeted glow.

Bold Lips: We’ve seen this trend before, but it’s only going to continue to be bigger and better in 2017.

Bold lips and dewy skin were part of the playful beauty trends that made up 2016.
Bold lips and dewy skin were part of the playful beauty trends that made up 2016. Source:Instagram

Think bold, sometimes bright, sometimes dark lip shades in all of their different forms. We’re talking ombre, high shine, strong pigments, feathered edges, metallic, even with hints of glitter. You’ll notice black and grey lip shades make a comeback too.

Real Skin: Among all this color, there will be real, raw, natural, beautiful skin shining through. We are going to see bold eyes and strong lips paired back with raw skin.

Freckles are SO on trend, that they’ll be drawn on if they aren’t naturally there.

Color Co-ordination: Think of sweeping one shade of blush from your eyelids, around and down to your cheeks, then pairing this with a lip tint in the same shade. This keeps makeup application very simple, and can be applied very lightly for a more ‘naturally flushed’ look or can be applied as more of a pop of colur, depending on your preference.

But beauty isn’t the only area set for a shake-up in 2017.

Plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery expert, Jack Zoumaras of Sydney’s Artiste Plastic Surgery, said while 2016 saw a rise in ‘Brazilian Butt Lifts’ — 2017 will see a surge in fat dissolving injections.

“Called Kybella, this injection is an acid that dissolves fat over two sessions,” Dr Zoumaras told news.com.au.

“It’s marketed more for men who may have a double chin, but basically you inject the fat instead of having neck surgery. This is currently in the US, and I think will revolutionize the way we do that kind of treatment.”

Dr Zoumaras said the acid in the injection, which is the same chemical found in the liver, will cost “about the same as a Botox treatment” and will permanently dissolve the fat that’s injected.


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The Kardashian effect saw a surge in buttocks implants and augmentation in 2016, with patients hoping to achieve more curve in their lower half.

“I think the Kardashian influence had an impact on women wanting more curve in their butts,” Dr Zoumaras said.

“While patients don’t want the size of a Kardashian, they want it augmented naturally and lifted a little higher to achieve more upper buttock.”

With the trend of highlighting and contouring continuing into 2017, Dr Zoumaras said more patients are requesting facial implants in the cheek and chin.

“Older patients want to look younger, but younger ones are interested in high cheekbones or chin implants to create a stronger jaw line,” he said.

“Plastic surgery is generally about looking younger, but these implants are changing your look and can be achieved with both implants and fat.

“This type of surgery can also be used to create a six pack, which is becoming popular on someone who is trim and in shape — but can’t quite get the toned stomach look.

“Basically, this look is achieved by liposucking the ridges and then harvesting the fat into the six pack muscles to create a rippled stomach.”

 This article was originally published on news.com.au