EXCLUSIVE: Watch ‘Russian Spiderman’ Risk Life and Limb High Above Moscow

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By Masha Froliak | 8:09 am, January 5, 2017

Meet Sergei, a Russian roofer, freerunner and a self-proclaimed Spiderman, who likes to spend his free time on top of the highest buildings — hanging, climbing, running and performing crazy acrobatic stunts with no safety ropes. This stuff is extremely dangerous—hanging 500 feet up means that slightest mistake will turn tragic. It is also illegal, and involves bypassing security and watching out for police while on site. More than a dozen young people fell to death in recent years trying similar feats. But Sergei says he can handle the risks.

His extreme parkour on the roofs — the kind of insane stunts that we can see in James Bond movies or in video games — has gained him huge popularity online. The Russian Spider Man can climb a vertical wall, jump from a crane with only a rope in hand, and leap across the buildings. Just watching it will make your palms sweat. But he is serious and passionate about his work.

His goal is to start conquering the buildings outside of Russia, and he admitted to us that he has his eyes on Hong Kong when the opportunity presents itself.

Heat Street followed the Russian Spiderman on top of a construction site in Moscow while he was performing his illegal routine.