Excited Russians Want to Rename a Street after Donald Trump And ‘Make Their City Great Again’

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By Masha Froliak | 5:59 pm, November 15, 2016

Residents of the small Russian city of Ryazan have started a petition seeking to rename its “Bezbozhnaya Street” to “Street of Donald Trump”.

“Recently elected U.S. President Donald Trump is a big friend of Russia and is a supporter of traditional values,” explains the petition launched on change.org.

The name “Bezbozhnaya” Street which translates into “Godless” is also seen as offensive by the authors of the petition.

“In itself the name ‘Godless’ contradicts Russian values and is offensive to the feelings of religious people.”

The petition for a Trump Street has turned out to be quite popular. It’s gathered enough signatures to be officially reviewed by the authorities.

“With a street named after Donald Trump we can make Ryazan great again,” said one of the supporters of the petition.

“I’m signing because I was born in Ryazan and Trump is a great person and will change everything for the better,” said another.

Some commenters, however,  expressed caution: “You should have waited to see Trump’s first moves. What if he will support the sanctions against Russia? You will look like idiots then.”

Despite the petition’s popularity, a city official thinks it’s unlikely the street will actually be renamed. “According to Ryazan city regulations,” the official said, “the street can be named after a famous person, Russian or foreign, only five years after the death of this person”.