Domino’s Pizza Driver ‘Ali’ Terrifies Student After Trying to Hit on Her With Creepy Texts

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By William Hicks | 2:19 pm, May 3, 2017
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A Domino’s pizza delivery man was suspended from his job after sending a female student a series of creepy stalker texts, according to The Sun. 

The hungry 20-year-old woman had ordered a pizza from Domino’s in Winchester, England, and by doing so apparently gave the weird delivery guy her number. Before he delivered the pizza he barraged her with texts, claiming he had seen her today, called her beautiful and said “I really feel you.”


“It was very worrying when I received the texts from this guy,” she told The Sun “I didn’t realize that they would allow drivers to have access to customer details for personal use.”

She said she was worried the man would come back to her house after delivering the pizza.

A spokesperson from Domino’s told The Sun: “We are very sorry to hear about [the customer’s] experience, which was wholly unacceptable. The colleague in question has been suspended with immediate effect pending an internal investigation and we are in touch with [the customer] to help put this right”.