Dexter Fowler Will Be First Black Chicago Cubs Player to Play in World Series

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By Kyle Foley | 12:12 pm, October 24, 2016

For Chicago sports fans, this World Series gives them a chance to break a century-old curse, but for center fielder Dexter Fowler it is something more.

Fowler will be making history Tuesday night as the first black man to ever play for the Cubs in the World Series, as his team takes on the Cleveland Indians. The last time the Cubs made the World Series was two years before Jackie Robinson became the first black player in Major League baseball.

Fowler himself was not even aware of the history he was making until sportswriter Rany Jazayerli tweeted about it.

Fowler said that he was speechless and would “carry it with” him during the game.

Of course, being the Internet, this got some interesting replies.

However, those types of responses were not the norm. Most people were excited by the news, a nice reflection on how much this country has changed in the last 70 years. One user even pointed out that the Cubs had always been on the front lines of racial progression, and that Fowler’s start comes 54 years after the team hired the first black professional baseball coach.

The only left question for Fowler and the Cubs now is if they can take home the team’s first World Series title since 1908, or the curse will continue.

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