‘CreepTrek’ App Helps You Keep Track of the World’s Killer Clowns

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By Emily Zanotti | 9:44 pm, October 30, 2016

Have creepy clown sightings made you afraid to leave your house? Are haunting harlequins threatening to ruin your Halloween?

Not to fear. Thanks to “CreepTrek” a new creepy-clown tracking application helps to pinpoint creepy clown sightings in your area so that you can keep your coulrophobia at bay.

CreepTrek uses Google maps to plot the creepy clown sightings that recently plagued the United States and Canada. Each incident is carefully catalogued with location and information from authorities, and each marker notes whether any clowns were actually found pursuant to the sighting.


Unfortunately, the map is largely crowdsourced—and while some users take the threat posed by people in clown costumes with deserved seriousness, other users are quick to point out that the problem may already be too widespread to curtail.


The map’s creator, 17-year-old Denver resident Rocco Marchitto, says that he built the app to help kids stay safe while trick-or-treating, after his own sister was approached by a creepy clown outside of her elementary school.

“Halloween is the essential date here,” Marchitto told local media. “It is just such a perfect time for creeps to scare children just for their own entertainment, and it could become a safety hazard if it gets out of hand.”

Clown sightings have begun to subside as Halloween draws closer. This past week, only a single clown-related story made national media: the strange tale of a mostly naked woman in clown makeup chasing cars around Montgomery County, Tennessee, which, while possibly related to killer clown trend, could just have been the end of someone’s really terrible day.