Cornell Is Creating a New Ice Cream Flavor for Joe Biden

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 9:20 pm, May 8, 2017
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Democrats booted the presidential election, but at least Joe Biden will get an ice cream flavor named after him.

The Cornell Dairy intends to bring a meme to life with the creation of a new Joe Biden-themed ice cream. The former VP’s personal love of ice cream spawned countless image memes of him eating the frozen treat.

Joe Biden loves ice cream

Cornell University operates a food science department including its own dairy processing plant that allows students to create their own special flavors of ice cream and other dairy products as part of their research.

The Cornell Daily Sun reports that the Cornell Dairy will team up with the Cornell Convocation Committee to name an ice cream flavor after the former vice president, who plans to speak at this year’s convocation on May 27.

Last year, Biden declared his love of ice cream during a visit to a small business in Columbus, Ohio. “My name is Joe Biden, and I love ice cream,” he said. “You all think I’m kidding—I’m not. I eat more ice cream than the three other people you’d like to be with, all at once.”

Said Deanna Simons, the quality manager and programs coordinator for Cornell Dairy: “There’s these pictures of him eating all kinds of ice cream,” said Simons. “I didn’t even know how to figure out what his favorite ice cream is.”

The famous Joe Biden photo that became a meme

Simons called up the University of Delaware, where Biden earned his bachelor’s degree, which told her Biden’s favorite flavor was chocolate chip.

The student newspaper reports that the project finally took off after more than 3,000 people expressed their interest in participating in an event titled “Joe Biden eats Cornell Dairy ice cream.” The Convocation Committee will now name the special ice cream flavor, whittling down a list of 150 proposed names to a possible five.

They include: Biden’s Chocolate Bites; Bits n’ Biden; Big Red, White & Biden; Not Your Average Joe’s Chocolate Chip; and Uncle Joe’s Chocolate Chip.

Once they decide upon the final name, they’ll have to clear it with Biden’s representatives—but they’ve already announced plans to start selling it at Cornell in the week leading up to the convocation.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.