Clownpocalypse: Hearse-Riding Clown Terrorizes New Jersey

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By Heat Street Staff | 11:54 am, September 30, 2016
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A clown riding on the hood of a hearse at a New Jersey strip mall has been cited, township police told local media Thursday.

The clown, spotted in Pohatcong Township, was seen wearing a clown costume about 9 p.m. Tuesday, outside a Super Wal-Mart, police said.

Creepy clown NJ

The young man was later tracked down and cited by police — his identity was not immediately released. He was later identified as 18-year-old Sean Fuller, and he’d been assisted in the clown caper by his father, 42-year-old Matt Fuller.

“It’s a joke that has gone overboard,” Matt told local media. “Next thing you know, police were called,” he said. “One person decided they were going to follow us home.” Now, Matt says, “clown hunters” are telling the family to watch themselves.

The Pohatcong Township Police Department has called for calm.

“The incident was a hoax,” police said on the department’s Facebook page. “At this time, there is no reason for concern.”

Mayor James Kern praised the police and said suspicious clowns “will not be tolerated in this township.”

One Facebook user, however, stood up for clown rights, asking: “Is it illegal to dress like a clown?

In a (presumably) separate incident earlier this week, a New Jersey child said he was chased by a clown with a sword.