City of Vice: Parisians’ Wild Sex Lives Exposed in New Survey

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:12 am, January 5, 2017

Paris is well-known as the city of love. But now it seems the French capital will also go down in history as the city of casual sex.

A new survey conducted by the French polling institute Ifop on behalf of an erotic website questioned 2,000 Parisians about their sexual habits. And the results have laid bare the city’s penchant for unbridled lust.

Confirming their reputation as libertines, a third of Parisians surveyed declared having been part of a threesome while nearly a quarter say they’ve partaken in an orgy — group sex involving more than three partners at the same time. In comparison, only 8 percent of French people living in the provinces admit to the same thing.

The average Parisian has had 19 sexual partners, almost twice the national average of 11, according to the survey.

One night stands are also frequent. In fact, they are twice as common in Paris as in the rest of the country, with 44 per cent of men admitting that they’ve previously had sex with someone without even knowing their first name, compared with 14 per cent of women.

Parisians also don’t mind sharing, apparently. Nearly one in six said they have swapped sexual partners at one of the city’s many swingers’ clubs.

And in one of the most noteworthy findings, almost half of young thrill-seeking Parisians claimed they’ve had sex in public places. Ooh-la-la.

Aplty entitled Paris, City of Light, City of Debauchery? the survey confirms the capital’s status as “the land of sexual liberty par excellence” and a “haven for sexual minorities” according to François Kraus, head of Ifop’s political and current affairs unit.

The city of lights is also the most popular area for France’s gay community: one out of 8 Parisians declared themselves to be homosexual, compared to 7 per cent nationally. And some 6 per cent identified as bi-sexual.

Prostitution and infidelity were also much higher in Paris than in the provinces, with nearly 60 per cent of residents admitting to having cheated on their partners compared with 48 per cent in the rest of the country.

Despite tightening regulations, some 38 per cent of Parisian men had frequented a prostitute, compared to 22 per cent nationwide.