INSPIRING: 10 Celebrities Who Didn’t Die in 2016

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By Heat Street Staff | 5:10 pm, December 28, 2016
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We lost a lot of great celebrities in 2016 — George Michael and Fidel Castro, among others — and some concerned fans are going out of their way to ensure that their favorite celebrities last the year. Betty White fans, for example, have started a GoFundMe campaign save the 94-year-old starlet from the “2016 celebrity death curse.”

Shockingly, the mainstream media hasn’t been doing a lot of so-called “reporting” on all the celerities who didn’t die this year. As it turns out, many managed to survive. Here’s a list of 10 somewhat famous people who aren’t dead.

1) Keith Richards

Seriously, though, how is he still alive?

2) Scottie Pippen 


3) Glenn Close

We had to double check. Got her confused with John Glenn.

4) Gary Busey

Let’s hope he lives long enough to serve as secretary of state in President Trump’s fourth term.

5) Shania Twain

Still the one!

6) Jaden Smith

If he stays healthy, he’s a lock for the Democratic nomination in 2036.

7) Nick Lachey 

Would anyone have noticed if he did?

8) Gloria Estefan

Good for her!

9) M. Night Shyamalan


10) Hillary Clinton

Just her political career.