Can’t Sleep? New Service Napflix Offers Videos Guaranteed to Get You Snoring

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By Masha Froliak | 9:23 am, October 24, 2016
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Spaniards know a thing or two about napping.

Napflix is a new Spanish video platform that promises to take siestas to a new level through “monotonous and repetitive” content. The new video streaming service has a special selection of the least exciting videos, like a lecture about Karl Marx, a cricket match or a traditional Latin mass—guaranteed to get you snoring.

“The idea is to make entertainment boring,” Victor Gutierrez de Tena, one of Napflix’s two co-founders, told AFP. “It could be the kind of things that remind us of our childhood, like post-lunch classes and TV serials we watched after meals that just went on and on, ones where you wouldn’t lose the plot if you fell asleep.”

So if you can’t fall asleep or suffer insomnia, you can always tune in to a two-hour primer on Einstein’s theory of relativity by a professor of physics. Watching the royal wedding of Infanta Dona Elena in the Cathedral of Seville might also be a good sleep inducer.

While the video platform is free, and was conceived of as an experiment in building up communities, it might actually win its own fan base (if those fans can stay awake long enough).