California Screamin’: Clownpocalypse Incidents Spread to the West Coast

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:30 pm, September 30, 2016

“Creepy clowns” have finally crossed the country and are now terrorizing residents in California, Nevada, and Oregon — and authorities are making arrests.

Two teens in Kerman, Calif., are facing felony charges for making criminal threats, after local police discovered the pair was behind a series of ominous, clown-related Facebook posts threatening violence at Kerman High School.

The two teenagers were reportedly inspired by a similar clown incident in Fresno, where four kids reported that they’d been chased by clowns who appeared out of nearby woods while the kids were on their way to school. The children’s mother told police that her kids had also received Facebook friend requests from an account with a “creepy clown” profile photo.

Authorities there have yet to apprehend the pair of jesters, but say they’re taking the threats seriously.

In Las Vegas, a creepy clown on Facebook calling himself “Garbo the Clown” nearly shutdown a local high school after posting a vague threat on social media, captured here by a local Fox affiliate.


Garbo became Facebook friends with several hundred students at the school, and then issued his ominous warning. The post is Garbo’s only Facebook missive. Authorities say they’ve investigated, but believe the posting is only a “bad joke.”

“I would prefer that those people leave the scaring up to the professionals because that makes us look bad, too,” said Jason Egan, who operates the massive Fright Dome haunted house attraction at Circus Circus Resort and Casino. He cautioned that scaring people takes time, effort and months of preparation — something these amateur clowns can’t accomplish.

Finally, Redmond, Ore., officials say a “scary clown” is mysteriously appearing and disappearing along one of the town’s main roads. Residents say the clown is wearing a “white clown mask with teeth,” a white t-shirt, and blue pants, but authorities say that they haven’t been able to pin down the clown and are hopeful the sighting is just a Halloween prank.