Butcher Claims Vegans Are Bombarding His Business with Bad Reviews Because of His Shop’s Name

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 7:21 am, July 6, 2017

An Australian Butcher claims vegan activists are targeting his business because of his shop’s catchy name.

Gary Thompson, pictured near his shop / Facebook

Gary Thompson, the owner of the newly-opened butcher’s shop, “The Squealing Pig”, says his business Facebook account was ambushed by multiple one-star reviews made by vegan activists that contain offensive and misleading comments.

“All of a sudden we were just bombarded with one star reviews. I had a look, and the people leaving the reviews were all part of a Facebook group called ‘Unapologetic Vegans Australia’,” he told The Courier Mail.

One vegan wrote a negative review, saying: “That name is horrible. There is nothing on this earth worse than a gentle innocent creature squealing in pain and terror being slaughtered. Just think about it. And the message it gives.”

The butcher shop owner says he blocked some of the worst comments, including those that called him “cruel man” and a “sick bastard.”

When he picked the name for the shop, Thompson says, his intention was never to offend anyone. “I just thought it was a catchy name.

“I don’t have anything against vegans, I respect their right to have an opinion, but they are putting people’s jobs and livelihoods at risk by trying to discredit our business.

“These comments aren’t coming from my customers, all my customers have been very supportive.”

On Facebook, Thompson wrote:

It is everyone’s right to have an opinion but the business is currently being targeted by a vegan group that do not like our trading name i apologise if it offends some people.

But if you do like our store if you could honestly rate it and share our page i would appreciate it.

These vegans are putting 6 peoples jobs and lively hoods at risk by trying to discredit our business because of their beliefs which they are entitled to do.

Some Facebook users came to Mr Thompson’s defense, slamming the vegan reviewers for “trying to make something out of nothing.”

“Pigs squeal in the paddocks mate, it’s got nothing to do with anything other than the noise they make. Stop trying to make something out of nothing,” one person replied.