‘Lazy’ British Royals ‘Throne Idle Wills’ and ‘Duchess Do Little’ Under Fire

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:04 am, March 15, 2017

Prince William is once again under attack from elements of the British media for being “workshy”.

The 34-year-old second in line to the British throne was this week revealed to have skipped a key event in London marking Commonwealth Day because he was on a boys-only skiing holiday in France.

Now it has come to light that so far this year the prince has spent only 13 days on royal duties. By comparison, his 90-year-old grandmother, the Queen, has undertaken 24 days of official engagements – having spent the early part of the year fighting an illness.

Indeed, things now look even worse for William because he is said to rank only eighth in a league table of royal engagements undertaken in 2017 by members of the British monarchy.

William has attended fewer engagements than his aunt, Princess Anne; his father, Prince Charles; the Queen; his uncle, Prince Edward’ his step-mother, the Duchess of Cornwall; his other uncle, Prince Andrew; and his brother, Prince Harry.

The future king has returned to the UK from his skiing holiday to face several days of unforgiving headlines. While on holiday, he was pictured drinking shots in a French bar with two attractive blonde girls before taking to a dance floor.

His wife, Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, who was not on the trip, is in the frame as well.

She has apparently committed to even fewer official engagements than her husband having completed only 12 days of public duties this year.

As a result of their perceived lack of activity, the pair have earned themselves a string of nicknames including ‘Throne Idle Wills’ and ‘Duchess Do Little’.

Royal historian Robert Lacey said: “William leads a very privileged life. The moment there is any suggestion he’s taking that privilege for granted his popularity can suffer. If he’s going to lecture everyone about wildlife and those causes that matter to him, he’s got to be seen to be putting the effort into shaking hands and attending royal engagements. He’s not living up to the hopes that people had of him and does seem to be taking all this for granted.”