Black Friday Deals For Gamers – More Tempting Than Turkey

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By James Bagshawe | 1:53 pm, November 22, 2016

Ah, America. The Land of the Free and the Home of Black Friday gaming deals. It started here and we still do it better than anyone else. Are you hunting a gaming bargain this year? We’ve picked out some highlights for you:

Xbox One S 1tb with Gears of War 4 for $299

This is a great deal. The One S with a terabyte of storage and the excellent Gears of War 4 for less than $300. As an added bonus you can download the entire Gears series for 360 to your One S for free for a limited time. You should definitely do that as the Gears games are all great mindless fun as you plough your way through alien filth. Brilliant. Get the deal here.

Titanfall 2 for Xbox One, $35.99

Titanfall 2 needs some love. Unkindly sandwiched between Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1, it had a wonderful critical reception and… no-one bought it. Yet! Now is your chance to change this and set this wrong to rights. It features a terrific single player campaign and a very slick multiplayer experience. In short, it’s a bargain. To get the $35.99 price you’ll need to be a member of Xbox Live: Gold, but luckily for you that’s only $1 to join right now. Ah, the stars align… Get the deal here.

PS4 500gb Uncharted Limited Edition Console & Game, $338

I won’t lie, you are going to have to move very fast to get this. At the time of writing there are only two of these in stock. Whether or not they will get a stock refresh before Black Friday ends is anyone’s guess. My own guess would be no. This bundle nets you a uniquely decaled console and controller and a copy of A Thief’s End to go with it. Because I am a generous sort, I did not put one of the two available into my basket. You can do that if you’re quick enough. Get the deal (you hope) here.

PS4 500gb plus Uncharted for $297

Sold out, was it? No huge surprise. You can console yourself (geddit?) with this deal which gives you exactly the same hardware and software but without the fancy decoration and leave your wallet heavier to the tune of $41. You can tell yourself that you didn’t want a picture of Nathan Drake on your console anyway and then buy two bottles of whiskey to drown out the sound of your sobbing. It’s the authentic Thanksgiving experience! Get the deal here.

Samsung 40” 4k UHD TV, $348

It’s a confusing time for a TV purchase. Everyone is gearing up for another achingly dull discussion about a technical specification that will pass most people by. Right now it is 8-bit vs 10-bit. That boils down to the amount of colors a screen can display at any one time. More colors, more clarity of image. So goes the theory. This TV seems to be 10-bit, but there’s a chance it isn’t. Not really. What does that matter to you? Hopefully, not at all. If you are in the market for a new TV, this one will blow your socks off with its quality and, in the end, isn’t that the only metric that counts? Get the deal here.