Because We Love Clicks, Here’s 10 More Reasons to Hate United Airlines

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By William Hicks | 12:59 pm, April 11, 2017

Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, United Airlines. Only one of these historical villains still walks the earth today, and its probably not Hitler. 

Yep, United Airlines has skyrocketed to the position of most hated company in America after forcibly dragging an older man off a plane they overbooked.  The Internet has united across all ideological spectrums to spread hatred towards United Airlines and their CEO who has since defended his employees’ actions.

And because we at Heat Street live off your clicks (1 click=1 grain of rice on a writer’s plate) we proudly will jump on the United hate bandwagon and give the Internet what it wants. Although I personally have received nothing but excellent service from United Airlines, I would not dare cross the collective Internet hive mind and interrupt its hatejerk.

So here’s 10 more reasons to hate on United and show that we definitely hate United too. Share it with your friends. Talk about it on your podcast. Refresh the page. Refresh it again. Click on the sidebar ads. I’m so hungry…


1. United kicked an autistic girl off a flight for dumb reasons. 

The plane made an emergency landing to kick a 15-year-old autistic girl off the plane because the pilot “didn’t feel comfortable.”


2. United almost killed a lady’s greyhound.

These monsters left the dog in a hot crate on the runway for hours. The owner had to pay almost three grand in medical bills as a result. United would only reimburse her if she agreed to never speak of the incident.


3. United serves Pepsi products.

After Pepsi’s tone deaf, universally hated Kendall Jenner ad, they almost became the most hated company in America. So why would United, the current most hated company in America, still serve Pepsi, the second most hated company in America, on their planes? Because they are literally terrible (and their CEO came from PepsiCo).


4. United Employees allegedly called a disabled veteran a retard and abused his service dog. 

We couldn’t verify if this guy is a veteran, disabled, owns a dog, or was called a retard, but f—k United Airlines, amirite?


5. One time United flight attendants promised to help a blind lady off the flight, but forgot about her. She had to be helped off by a maintenance crew who happened to inspect the plane. 

She only had to wait 10 minutes, but still. United clearly hates the blind!


6.  Another time a man with cerebral palsy had to CRAWL off a United flight after no one helped him.

Okay, this one’s way worse. Let the United hate flow through you!


7. United broke this guy’s guitar. 

Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. But a guy wrote a song about it so why not hate United for it?


8. United  paid $37 million to their previous CEO who quit amidst a corruption investigation. 

If you run an airline, I guess you need a golden parachute. United sucks now share this article!


9. United once sued a 22-year-old guy for making a service which makes plane tickets cheaper. 


10. Kind of running out of reasons to hate United Airlines, but I promised you folks 10. So did anyone notice United rhymes with excited, the same feeling comedian  Bill Cosby probably felt before he committed a string of heinous crimes against women? We did. 


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